Sound Barrier drum isolation sheilds
Your fellow musicians, not to mention your neighbors, will thank you...

There's just no product like the Sound Barrier from Plastics America anywhere for controlling acoustics - whether on the road or in the studio. This acrylic system enables sound engineers to control the sound on drums, percussion, brass, woodwinds and even amplifiers. It truly optimizes their sound mixing capabilities, so they can achieve just the mix they want.

On stage or in the studio The Sound Barrier will radically optimize your live performance sound mixing capabilities. This fully assembled wall of break resistant acrylic panels will bring the sometimes overpowering volume levels of acoustic drums into balance with other instruments and vocals.


The Perfect System To Grow With...
Check out the available configurations...
Modular design using acrylic panels and connecting strips makes this one system musicians will never outgrow. It's more flexible than competing brands and much easier to set up, move and break down. All it takes is a few minutes. The Sound Barrier's break resistant panes are made of a hefty 1/4" thick clear acrylic which allows maximum visibility for the musician and the audience. And it even comes with an optional carrying case. AJ has several available configurations in stock for you...

Sound Barrier Features:
• 1/4”thick transparent Acrylic panels
• Impact resistant
• Excellent optical quality
• Full length hinge (New!)
• Strongest thermoplastic hinge available (tested for over 1 million flexures)
• Fully assembled (New!)
• Easy set up
• Cable pass through
• Several size and panel combinations
• Expandable
• Durable gorilla proof packaging for hassle free shipping

• Recording Studios
• Practice Rooms
• Concert Venues
• Schools
• Clubs
• Churches
• Theaters

Check out the available configurations...

Sound Barrier drum sound sheilds

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